Sunday, December 8, 2013

Pressure Suit Water Test 1

Though we had ice on our ropes and the temperature was nicely below freezing today, we got in the water and started to learn how to work with an inflated suit in the water. I built a crude raft to hold a SCUBA tank (feeding Ben Wilson breathing and pressurization gas) and that had some use, but we might not need it in future tests. Face-down, Ben felt fine. We believe we have a carbon-dioxide problem to sort out, and that is close to top priority now. All in all, though, a good day out, learning to work around and in water. Our partners, Copenhagen Suborbitals, are a maritime operation, launching and landing at sea, and the more time we have in the water, in any capacity, is good. Thanks to Bruce Mataya on the radio with Ben Wilson (in the suit), Washoe Magruder and Kit Macallister for shooting photos and video, and Project Director Nicholas Walleri, guiding us along.

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