Friday, November 15, 2013

Surrealist Rocket Paint Job

Currently there is a debate at Copenhagen Suborbitals regarding whether or not to fly the rockets with flags painted on them (e.g. EU flag, Danish flag, whatever flag). Personally, I would track down the craziest surrealist painter I can find, hand them $5000 and let 'em loose to paint the ship. With the democratization of space access that I'm currently involved in I want to get as far away from the old Space Race era--and all its overtones of technocracy and nationalism--as possible. Have a look at the beautiful paint job on the lower end of a recent Russian booster used to take the Olympic torch into space (ye torch was just carried along with space station crew, not a huge $ boondoggle just to take the torch up):


Paint is heavy so not all is possible but people are also inventive and I bet a surrealist rocket would be pretty interesting; a rocket with a paint job never seen before by humankind -- that's what I suggest.

Well, them's my two cents!

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