Monday, August 12, 2013

Wrap Party

Tonight the Project Alpha team went out to demonstrate the suit at Destination DIY's Season Wrap Party at Bar Bar on Mississippi, and we had a great time finally taking a few hours to relax after eight months of pretty bland but demanding testing. We drank Vodka in honor of the Russian designs that we have copied, time and again, in building a simple but reliable home-built space suit. From L to R there's me (project director, suit testing, Copenhagen Suborbitals Life Support System test pilot), Washoe Magruder (coolant system, flight coverall, suit technician), John Haslett (systems integration, ground control, balloon test backup pilot), Nicholas Walleri (systems overview and integration), Ben Wilson (breathing regulators and suit testing) and Alexander Knapton (coolant system and suit technician). A great night out! Fifteen days until pressure chamber test in Copenhagen.

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