Saturday, March 2, 2013

Gas System Work

Top photo: Right side is all electric controls, left side (here) is all gas controls. This is the breathing gas and suit pressurization gas control panel. I can breathe through either of two demand regulators (like a SCUBA, but built for aviation, you breathe in and get breathing gas) and if those fail, either get breathing gas by manually pulling one of two hand levers, or pressing one of two foot pedals. Six ways to deliver breathing gas. It'd be pretty a hefty dose of bad luck if they all failed! They're all separately valved so a free flow in one any can be sealed off while switching to any other. Lower photo: Pull for oxygen! A backup breathing gas delivery lever made from a good spring, a lever valve and zipties. All proof-of-concept to be 'hard wired' in permanent fittings once the system is proved--which will be in the next two months.

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