Monday, January 28, 2013

Biomedical Profile / Schedule

Working on the the biological system -- myself -- of the whole build. A lot of research into high altitude physiology and flight medicine; strange realms! The NASA Bioastronautics Data Handbook I picked up a couple of months ago is a treasure trove! So for I've sketched out the following requirements, tailored for my kind of aircraft, my bodty size, the expected flight durations and altitudes, and the capacities of my pressure suit and life-support system:

* Weight: I should be 160-165lb with little body fat (at 165 now).

* Temperature: Suit temp to be regulated between 68F and 75F.

* Physical work: should be minimized above 10,000ft.

* Prebreathing: inert gas purge 50 min prior to flight.

* Breathing gas: 100% aviator's breathing oxygen from beginning of flight to landing. Visor can be opened below 8,000 feet on descent, but I should continue to breathe oxygen through the oral-nasal mask.

* Recompression chamber: nearest should be known, prepared and advised on procedures in case of need for recompression therapy.

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