Friday, September 10, 2010

All Thanks to Ted Edwards

My story of thorablott, the Icelander's Winter Feast, is now available in The Best Travel Writing 2010. The publisher, Solas House, will be publishing the whole book from which this is an excerpt in 2011 or 2012, under the title "The Frost Giants".

It all began with a book, Ted Edwards' 'Fight the Wild Island', a tale of his trek across Iceland in 1985, which I read in Canada in 1996. If a proximate cause for my getting drenched, frozen, thawed, wind-whipped, tumbled, humbled and addled in Iceland's wild wastes winter after winter, it is having read that book. Although my manuscript of "The Frost Giants" is in rough shape, and I can't even start on reworking it until next year, I'll be sending it to Mr. Edwards for his amusement before long.

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