Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Top Ten Myths About Evolution

Wow -- five years ago it was an outline in my notebook, a year and a half later it was a book, and it's still out there, hanging on; it hasn't gone 'down like an anchor' as 99% of books do in the first three months; it's been translated into Italian; it's available for Amazon's Kindle; it's in a new hardback edition; it's in nearly a thousand libraries worldwide, including the National Library in Paris; it's being used in at least one undergraduate class; it's sold close to 10,000 copies worldwide; and it's still selling at Powell's. I am thrilled. And I'm working on the next book, "The Fact of Evolution" for Prometheus right now--waking at 5am with Ediacaran biota on the brain--for delivery in November. I don't know how I'll get such a great promotional comment, though, as Charles Sullivan and I did for TTMAE:

"A modest proposal to reverse the national great leap backwards: I say we all familiarize ourselves with the compelling, crystalline logic of The Top Ten Myths about Evolution. Then, let's do our best to connect with those who have yet to accept the ancient legacy of life on earth as revealed by Darwin and affirmed in countless ways by the generations of science ever since."

-- Ann Druyan, co-author with Carl Sagan of the Cosmos television series and Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors.

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Charles Sullivan said...

Yeah, that was a great promo comment by Annie.