Thursday, March 18, 2010

Arctic Fox

I've learned that while it's neat to see an Arctic fox, it could mean trouble as they often follow polar bears to scavenge their leavings, so I've been happy to see only a few of them. Once one circled me, trotting at a hundred yards or so out, for a few hours as I dragged my sled on the North Slope. Inupiat folks had told me to shoot any fox I saw--due to a rabies outbreak (2007)--but I'm happy to say 100 yards is out of the effective range of my 12-gauge (with either the buckshot or slugs I carried) and I didn't have to do that.


Anonymous said...

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Flynn Renard said...

It's a good thing too. They are so damned cute, it would be difficult to shoot one, at least for me. Les Renards sont mes amis.

Anonymous said...

Interesting similar behavior across the Canid groups. Imagine being able to hear the slightest rustle of prey several feet under a pack of snow.

Cute little man.