Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pictures at an Exhibiton

Written by Mussorgsky,
Orchestrated by Ravel,
Conducted by Saolenen!

For years, maybe over ten, I've been fascinated and thrilled by this piece of music. Today, it says, for me, all that needs saying;

Note this is only the first part, and that while it begins rather traditionally, and uneventfully, later, very strange and exciting things happen, things I try, night by night, to decipher, note by note! What is he doing _here_ and then _here_ or _here_?

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Anonymous said...

It reminds me of the wash of different emotions a person feels while exploring an entirely unknown place. I picture a futuristic interplanetary scout stepping out of his spacecraft onto alien soil--overjoyed at his discovery and triumph, timid of what alien dangers may now face him, flooded with human curiosity and spiritually humbled by the awesome size, diversity, and power of the universe we call home. Now I'll have to go find the second part to see what happens next....