Friday, October 2, 2009


Too beautiful for any words I can conjur. Video by NASA, music by Rune Foshaug of Norway.

This is where I want to be--out past everything, passing giant planets, not talking, just moving out past everything, looking, absorbing, getting away from human ego. Yet here we are, confined to Earth, gunning each other down at record pace. Well, at least we have sent out Voyagers I and II, for well over 30 years they've been out there, sailing; they still occasionally send in data to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Next year I'll go to JPL, in the capacity of a writer, and see how all this works.

One viewer's comments really struck me:

"...this is everything that is right in the world. Everything that truly matters is right here, eventually coming to one's thoughts if they sit long enough and watch and listen."

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