Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ecuador Update

Home now, and processing my photos (although I'm shooting digital now, I 'm also still shooting some film, and it takes time to develop...imagine that!) and trying to find the time to write it all down...that's the hardest to do, because to write, for me, takes time. I need large blocks of uninterrupted time to sit or pace or stand in the shower, or do whatever I need to slip my mind backwards, time-travel really, back to the moments so I can feel the sand in my shoes, so I can hear the faintest gust and taste the seaweed-water in my mouth again. The slightest interruption makes this impossible. So, finding that time...that's the hard part.

Below, for the moment--as images and words of Ecuador are reforming the experience, bringing it here to Portland whereas it all actually happened thousands of miles away--a sketch for yet another helmet, this time for my Arctic flights this winter.

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