Wednesday, July 22, 2009

You'll Get Killed Doing That

After 48 hours down with a tooth infection, I'm finally up again and swinging away at half a dozen projects. There is no time to lose! I can't worry about prudence, I can't worry about avalanches or polar bears, I can't worry about "You'll get killed doing that!" (I think, "And you're going to live forever?"), I can't worry about anything but the life energy that flows in me right now, the energy that puts me on my feet every morning thinking about altitudes, pressures, and temperatures; thinking about the things I have assembled before me; the things I will do and not do; how I treat other people; how to stay on track with meaningful things, how to remain serious in a civilization bent on trivia; how to keep my dignity in a civilization that hacks away at dignity. And lowest on my list is prudence. There is no time for that ingredient!

Giuseppe Verdi, Requiem

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