Monday, February 9, 2009


Pieces of a fantastical puzzle are sliding into position; I can't make out the image yet, but it involves a solo trek again next winter; an Arctic winterscape; a run down a slope followed by a 10-minute flight through supercooled air to the surface of a frozen ocean; a ghost village; darkness; finding the place where natives in Barrow have told me--in the most matter-of-fact way--that the Immanyarok have gone.

All of this, however it shapes up, will be shot on video, with sounds recorded, and assembled into a video to encapsulate and convey the Winter Arctic that I've come to love so much, starting with my experiences in Iceland in 1999.

Above, an aerial photo of me pulling my sled in Iceland's Vatnajoull Ice Cap in 2004. The expedition was shot (mostly by me, which took a huge effort!) and televised as "The Dealy Glacier" on National Geographic Channel (you can see a clip of it at Andrew Miles' Explorers Film School website here. Last I heard the 22-minute film was airing in Papua New Guinea and did particularly well in Australia....Right now it's airing twice a day in Pakistan! Unfortunately, Creative Touch Films, who produced the film, have had a website "under construction" for five years now, and it's just about impossible to get a copy of the video!

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