Monday, November 24, 2008

Solo Flight Certification

Well, I've passed my P2 flight certification, meaning I can fly my paraglider without the presence of an instructor -- that is, alone. Which means I'll be 'street legal', as far as the FAA is concerned, when I go up to Alaska from 10 December to 03 January to try the first paraglidier aviation on the North Shore. NEWS FLASH: Chiu, my old climbing partner, will be coming along, to shoot video of the project for a TV program in his home country of Taiwan! Hooee what a Relief witha capital R, I don't have to shoot it all myself, like I did in Iceland, for National Geographic. Food is prepped, tickets bought, and last "tweaks" to the plans are coming together! I'm worrying about polar bears again, and enduring -70F windchills. But I'm also remembering the foam of stars; the pulsing aurora; the crash and shatter of snow and ice underfoot; and the feeling of cleanliness that comes of not being advertised-to for nearly a month. That's all worth it!

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Anonymous said...

Best of luck on your expedition, Cameron!