Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Back up on Parrett Mountain, Oregon, to wrap up a few investigations, I'm happy to find Starfire - or 'Star' as everyone calls her - enjoying her life as a deer-chasing, briar-brambled, car-chasing, coon-hunting, creekwater-gulping, field-sprinting, sun-lazing farm-dog. We get along, and if I could I'd bring her home with me.


Kalirati said...

When I was in high school, a dog who looked like Star followed us home, and we fed him and named him tramp. He took to us so we housed him at night, but by day we let him roam the mountainside near our home. That is until the deer hunters told us that he was buggin' their deer hunting, and we tried to keep him in our home. Tramp loved the arrangement we had, but when we tried to keep him in during the day, he didn't like it. I bet Star's as free-sprited as Tramp.

Cameron McPherson Smith said...

you're right, of course, c-a. star would miss her creek and the deer, so i wouldn't dare actually bring her home :)