Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Watching a 20-year old audiovisual essay about Antarctica, I saw this image, and immediately identified with it; I know the feeling of the hands too stiff to bend, the clumsy oversized mittens, the need to get the goggles up -- quick now! -- before they fog over, the slap and sting of icy wind...Instantly this made me smile and feel at home.

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Blues Greene said...

20 years or 120 years old; it's all cold! Reminds me of when I need to tie on a new fly while in or on the water. I lift my sunglasses which are over my regular glasses. I can see to tie the surgeon's know with no glasses on much better. Then the two pair of glasses start slipping down ever so slowly. Usually just when I get ready to slip the tag end through the loop they slam down on my face and I need to start all over again!
PS: I do the typo thing too, all the time. It's unavoidable for one who takes the time to write.