Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Different Days

It used to be that wild animals surrounded humanity. Of course, today humanity surrounds animals, as when you see a polar bear trapped in a zoo...Picture above is my copy of a medieval depiction of a wolf attack. This poor man is in big trouble! Although there aren't many instances of wolves killing humans in the Americas (actually, 19th-century hunters pretty much exterminated wolves in the lower 48, which kinda turns the tables), in post-plague medieval Europe this might have been a pretty genuine worry.
By the way, my Aussie buddies, Chris and Clark, are back in action up in Canada; have a look! Picture below is a recent image of Chris hauling his "PAC" expedition cart. As the tundra melts over the next 100 days, the big kevlar wheels will bouy the guys across hundreds of miles of soggy, marshy terrain...at least that's the plan :o You never know what's going to happen, and that's more than half the point.

And, finally, a tremendous, spooky, shocking, electrifying piece of music by Modest Mussorgsky (can you ever beat the Russians for drama?) here conducted by Italian Carlo Tenan. Listen to this alone in the dark and if your hair doesn't stand on end...well, I can't help you!

Pictures at an Exhibition; just over four minutes of the whole symphony.

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