Friday, February 29, 2008


On a not-so-good day, good news by email! Hot damn! My Alaska winter narrative, "Ghost on Ice", has won the Silver prize in the Travelers Tales Best Travel Writing 2008 contest. An excerpt is here, or you can read the whole thing here, or you can buy the book, with about 15 other stories here. Seven hundred fifty bucks...hmm..should I take a combined paragliding / diving trip?....OH YES--OH YES I SHOULD! And should I be thinking about my Iceland book while I'm at it? Yep. Slowly, slowly, negotiations are coming along, and in the right direction :) Super thanks to my literary agent, Matt Wagner, for hanging in there to find a publisher for the Iceland book, signing me to two book deals ("Anthropology for Dummies and another book I can't mention just now), and suggesting I enter the writing contest in the first place. And TGIF! Have a thrilling weekend. Winter wears down and the gusts and shine of Spring are upon us...I wrote the following in Winter, but I think it can handle the changing season...

black wet elm arms
reach out to us
they are saying
they are shouting
"you are a part of this world!"

(c) 2008 Cameron M. Smith

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