Sunday, September 30, 2012

Suit Leak Rate Data

Some basic data on the pressure suit leak rate; the diagram shows the leak rate, in cubic feet per hour (on the Y axis) and variation in the leak rate over an hour, broken into 5-minute intervals (on the X axis). Long story short, the variation is explainable as a result of me tinkering with the pressure a little here and there, which I will not do next time; and the leak rate is averaging 10 cubic feet per hour (286.3 liters per hour) with the suit pressurized to 3psi, about 6 cubic feet per hour (175.2 liters per hour) at 2psi, and about 4 cubic feet per hour (110.4 liters per hour) at 1psi. These leak rates are significantly higher than most NASA pressure suits, however, they are entirely acceptable considering that I can easily carry a 30 cubic foot suit pressurization gas tank, which would suffice for the trip up to 50k and then back down to about 30k, where I can open the visor again (though still breathing 100% oxygen through the oral-nasal mask). Wednesday a TV crew will be here to shoot some footage, and later in the week another radio interview. Plenty to do to prepare for these!

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