Monday, June 11, 2012


I have been fascinated by the Roman philosopher Lucretius (died c. 50BC) for some time; he identified the essential factors of evolution nearly 2,000 years before Darwin, but came just short of assembling them into a coherent theory. Below, an interesting reference to Lucretius by Henry More (1614-1687). I have yet to be disappointed by research into the origins of our civilization!

'"If any man conceive I have done amisse in using such obscure words in my writings, I answer, that it is sometime fit for Poeticall pomp sake...Othersome time necessitie requires it because of the 'poverty of language and the novelty of matters', as Lucretius pleads for himself in like case." -- Henry More, 1659

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Geoff McPherson said...

Truly wild: my grandfather's name was Lucretious McPherson, of Mendocino County, CA. He was the grandson of Alexander McPherson, formerly of Inverness, Scotland.
Small world. Cool Blog. I googled the term "Lucretious McPherson" and landed on your Blog. Peace and good tithings. Geoff McPherson