Saturday, February 18, 2012

Helmet Details

Worked on some fine adjustments to the helmet. The oral-nasal mask is fitted inside, with a communications microphone (fitted on the side of the mask) that leads to a walkie-talkie that I will wear inside the pressure suit; this is just for the tests, and of course a normal radio comms cable will be used when I fly. The breathing gas hoses--IN and OUT--descend from the mask to through-ports in the suit itself. In the view from slightly above you can see the oral-nasal mask hoses connected to the mask itself; inside are the inhale and exhale valves. Side view shows how I had to customize the mask to fit inside the helmet; most aviation breathing masks are much too large to do this. You can also see the reflective UV / IR blocking film I've attached to the outside of the visor; this is simply attached with bits of blue-tack right now, but for flight it will be attached in a different way.

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