Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Suit Coolant Pump Installed

Finally -- a functional coolant pump, hoses and connections! The two quick connections in my hand are for coolant fluid in and out; they pass through a port to be installed in the suit after I epoxy the fitting to be sure it's airtight. The clear, thin hoses will circulate body-cooling fluid through a mesh vest I'll wear inside the suit, under my thin long-john union suit. On the left, the small black module is the new, more powerful 12vDC pump (driven by the motorcycle battery on the right, which will be replaced by a car battery that I purchased today, but had to leave at the shop because a bus driver said it could be used as a weapon! I'll pick it up on Thu with a taxi). A switch on the main control panel turns the pump on and off; it will not run continuously, only when I need it. The clear plastic cylinder in the background, with the orange bands, contains the coolant fluid; just water now, but later, basically, antifreeze. Hard to believe it was November 2009 when Angela and I did the first test of the pressure suit, it's two years later and I think by the end of this month my test will see the whole system ready for a full test!

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