Saturday, May 21, 2011

Neck Seal Blowout

Once again a leak -- this time, happening suddenly rather than slowly (all pressure vessels have leaks, it turns out, according to the engineering writing I've been reading), so it could be characterized as a 'blowout'. I had the pressure to 3.0PSI for a good while, which was exciting because the pressure held steady--and I bent the arms and legs a few times to see how that effected the pressure, and all was good; and then the dreaded SSSSSSSSS and the suit started to deflate. I'd been using a new neck seal material, and had not cone to know the material well enough to avoid this. I still think I have a good handle on the problem, and am now working on solving it. In the photo I'm using a flashlight to closely examine the breach. It's good to see that this is the one and only place that the suit leaks, and I am confident that I'll sort out the problem.

To give me time to work on the suit, I have a tradeoff; I only get to work on it if I've written 20 pages of my textbook during the week. Friday I didn't warp up till 9pm, but that 'bought' me today's work time!

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